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Marcha Schagen creates (wearable) objects, installations, performances and videos driven by society critical research. 


Within my practice I use a conceptual and experimental approach that encompasses (wearable) object-, installation-, performance- and video-based projects. These works contain artistic research to material based on social themes that aspire to deal with contemporary concerns and issues. In my projects I often merge scientific concepts with my art practice to aspire to understand humanity's place in the world.

I am fascinated by how science in art can activate our imagination, provide us with insights about human existence and provoke us to think more critically and creatively about our life and our world. 

Besides working autonomously I also collaborates with other artists and disciplines.

I am involved in education projects and I give workshops about my artistic practice in combination with social issues.


Graduated at University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands (2013). 

Completed an internship with Iris van Herpen (2013).

Co-creator of Project KOVR  (2016 - present). 





2010 - present

2010 - present

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